Saturday, February 6, 2010

This blog is a place to refer to regarding conky and lua setups that I have been working on.

Here is an alternative version of my flower conky. Read my blog post here.

Here is a conky setup, inspired by the Conky of the Month competition on the Conky Blog here. I'm not sure about the pink heart... Plus I "cheated" a little as I am actually using a desktop computer with a wired internet connection. That is why the "BATTERY" and "CONNECTION" flowers seem to be non functional ("SWAP" really is 0% which is why that flower doesn't show anything). The code however works just fine when run on a setup that has such things. I just needed 6 conky outputs for the 6 flowers, since I only have the one processor and the one filesystem partition :)

This conky was created almost exclusively through a lua script and it is by far the most complicated script i have written to date. I am particularly pleased with the circle writing function I came up with. Here is the lua script.
In the conky rc you need this.
I set up the clock face in the conkyrc.

This isn't my first attempt at a valentines conky :)
This one has an animated border of hearts. But after I finished the border I wasn't sure what to do with the middle... which ended up going all "goth" on me!

You can see the details here.

The next thing I need to learn about Lua is how to get multiple graphics from a single instance of a function through the use of a settings table. I think I'm most of the way there in understanding how this is done, but I haven't tried it yet.

I would also like to direct your attention to the crunchbanglinux forum.
It was through crunchbang that I first started using conky and you can see, through the conky config thread, how I have developed my ideas and knowledge. You can go to the crunchbanglinux website here and the conky config thread here.

My first conky post is on page 25 here.

And I have the honor of having one of my conky setups on conky hardcore here. :)

And here and here is a short tutorial I have written on getting started with Lua. This tutorial goes through how I wrote my first Lua cairo script for this conky.

Another Lua cairo conky I made is here. And produces this conky. I have annotated the Lua script for this conky here.


  1. Just wanted to thank you for the site. Lots of great info!

  2. your welcome!
    I'm just glad that someone is finding it useful :)