Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I was reading through the crunchbanglinux forum and there was a thread here that began as a question about vector graphics formats but went onto become a discussion of guitar amp schematics. I looked at the linked schematics and I immediately saw the potential to use the scematic, or at least part of it, for the basis of a conky setup!

And here it is...

I recreated the schematic with cairo and then placed the various graphs bars and text outputs around it. I used the conkyrc to generate the upspeed and downspeed graphs and the memory usage bar. Everything else was made in lua. I took alot of the code from my full screen conky setup here. In the screen.lua I had already worked on formatting many of the conky object outputs, and I needed the same approach here so that I could be as faithful to the original schematic as possible.

The lua script is rather long so it's probably best that I link to my crunchbang forum post that contains the code here.

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