Friday, July 8, 2011

Weather in conky

Although conkyForecast is an excellent script, (and should be the first step for anyone who wants weather in their conky) when I recently reformatted and lost all my conkyForecast files I wasn't too keen on going through the registration again.

So I've been looking at alternate ways of getting weather, particularly getting pretty icons. One was is here
look a few posts down for the code, although seeing as it is specific to my local weather station for the weather and the images, it probably wont work for you.

also out of this i had a way of drawing rounded corner boxes which I have further developed in various background scripts.

With the weather there is also time and date and system info. Everything is generated in a Lua script. Not only do I find it easier, I find it is lighter on resources than running code from the conkyrc.

An example of that is here
Conky system monitor

I wanted to get as much information about my system onto the screen using lua and conky. This is what I came up with

from this post

These setups are pretty complex and require some other things to be running such as vnstat.
NEW UPADTES! amazing!

Lua calendar

I think this is the most up to date code for the lua calendar

The standard way to get calendars in conky is by cal followed by some complicated regex to make the current day show up in a different color. Other than that you don't have much control over the layout and you have to use a mono font otherwise everything is out of line.

This calendar can use any font you like and still keep aligned. You can also control many other aspects of the calendar layout.