Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In response to a question asked about vertical graphs on the ubuntu conky thread, I thought that the script I had come up with for bar graphs could be easily modified to give vertical bars. And it was pretty easy.

Then I thought about how I could apply a gradient effect along the bar graph, like you can get in a regular conkyrc, and that wasn't too hard either. So now the script can output graphs like this:

The code to do this has been posted on my original crunchbang linux forum post.

Alternate graphs.

The standard graph outputs from conky are rather uninspiring, so thought I would try and put together some alternatives. The above screenshot is displaying cpu usage over time. Usage is displayed as both a negative and positive value at each point, so you get this kind of "waveform".

You can get the code on the crunchbanglinux forum here.

In the scrip there is a setting that can produce 3 types of graph, the up and down as above, only up or only down as below.

Another improvement over the regular graphs is that you can change which direction the graph moves in.

Other configurables include:

  • colors
  • total height
  • bar width
  • spacing
  • gridlines on or off

I am also working on a line graph, but have run into a few problems, and I havnt got it working how I want it yet. But it may not be possible to do what I want either :)
This is what it currently looks like:

I think this graph has a lot of potential however!
See subsequent blog entries for developments.

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