Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another, and most likely the last, variation on my valentine flower Lua script and a final entry in the conky of the month competition on the conky blog.

The biggest change here is the use of shading to the flower petals. Also I changed the shapes that were transformed by the output of the various conky objects so that there is no overlap. I think these changes have added quite a bit of eye-candy value to this conky and the effect was quite simple to apply.

The hearts were also drawn with cairo in the Lua script and shaded to match the flowers. Luckily I had a heart shape already on file from my first flower conky. I tweaked it a bit for shape, inspired by a wallpaper I found here.

I made an option to change the number of petals for each flower, but I didn't factor in how this would affect the shading. As a result changing the number of petals alters the shading effect. This should be easily fixed however if I feel like working on the script some more.

As ever, the code is posted on the crunchbanglinux forum here.

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