Sunday, August 29, 2010

Animated text conky.
Here is a concept for a conky that I have been thinking about for a while.

having the text in conky appear as if it were being typed.

The idea came a while back when I was thinking about how to get a better scroll function in conky, and I was working on a matrix rain themed conky. I thought it would be cool if you could get text in conky to appear like the text that appeared on Neo's computer in the movie.

I just hadn't done anything about it till now.

Thanks go to iggykoopa of the crunchbanglinux forum for his help with coding. Other wise the script would be very difficult to change. Now you can set up the script to display any text you like, when you like and where you like. It's still a bit tricky as you have to work out your timings for each section of text to appear, pause and vanish.

I have set it up so that you get the impression that a program is runing inside of conky, scanning your system and fetching the information.

You can get the code on the crunchbang linux forum here.