Saturday, March 6, 2010

Numbers to text conversion functions.
Code available on the crunchbanglinux forum here.

I have written 3 functions for converting various numbers to text representations.
The first function converts any regular 3 digit or lower number into words, so that:
19 becomes "nineteen" and 487 becomes "four hundred and eighty seven"
I have used this function in the third line in the image above to convert the output of $cpu to words.

The second function converts number dates into text, as in the first line in the image above.

The third converts time data to words as in the middle line above. This function takes into account all the changes that occur with displaying the time as words. For example at 6:01, the function will output "one minute past six". At 6:02 it will be "two minutes past six". At 6:00 it will show "six o'clock" etc. You can choose between having seconds represented or not.

I intend to use these functions with my circlewriting functions to create a text only, non-linear display along the lines of this:

here is what it looks like when its working:

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